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About me

I would like to share with you that my job is to help you identify opportunities, face challenges and teach you to see new perspectives so you can make better decisions. My job is to guide you to improve your professional career seeking a personal and professional transformation. For years, I have had the pleasure of working with many people, including those seeking different results, such as executives who want to improve their communication, interpersonal relationships or time management.

I help others to get to know themselves better and develop skills to release stress and find the perfect balance. Many of my coachees require leading high-performance teams, which is why we work together. I put all my effort and dedication into each of you. My biggest goal is to be a positive tool of change for them.


Andrea Ríos is an executive coach, born in Mexico City with more than 20 years of professional experience. She has worked in the Private sector. Among her clients are high-level executives from multicultural companies, Managers and Directors of organizations of all types. Within her Coaching practices,  she uses Techniques such as NLP, Mindfulness and learning strategies to mention a few.

She is deeply committed to teaching leaders to make smart decisions and be creative when it comes to solving problems. Andrea Ríos is pleased to help countless clients achieve positive and sustainable change  and results through the development of personal and professional skills. She has extensive experience in training personnel and regarding Linguistics, she has been applying her own methodology for ESL students. Her method is personalized and practical.

Besides her teaching experience and training, she has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources Management, as an HR specialist, she has recruited teams for México, USA and Canadá. Her HR management skills include knowledge in diverse areas, such as: Internal communication, training, massive IT recruitment,  and she specializes in Organizational Development. She has helped enterprises identify opportunity areas and has provided strategic solutions that lead to change. 

Cielos azules


Master's in Organizational Development and Talent

Bachelor in Human Resources Management - Mex

Stanford University / Emotional Intelligence - Silicon Valley, USA

NLP & Mindfulness - Silicon Valley, USA

Coaching and Leadership Skills - USA, Mex

ESL Teacher's Certification - Mex

Emotional Biodecoding  - USA, Mex

Diplomat in Business Administration -Mex

Project Management Institute - PMP Mexico

Quality Assurance Institute- IT processes / USA

Scattergood Friends School - USA / Boarding High school

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